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Clash of Clans - "EARTHQUAKE" | BEST WAY TO USE!? - New Earthquake spell Strategy with ALL WIZARDS! Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks, Strategy's & Funny Video. And EPIC FAIL!

All that's in this update:

- Dragons Level 5 - Second Air Sweeper - Dark Spell Factory - New Improved Troop Training - Army Overview - Lightning spells cannot hurt storage's - New League's: Titan and Legendary League - Poison Spell Max: Level 4 - Earthquake Spell Max: Level 4 - Haste Spell: Max: Level 4 - A.I. Changes

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About me: I'm a Solo Youtuber who has been doing Youtube for over 2-3 years now, I'm active since just a few months. I make Clash of Clans content most of the time, but sometimes I play other games as well such as: Boom Beach, Call of Duty, GTA and other Single Player Games. I have a passion for creating video's and I'm doing it as a Hobby and not as a Job. So that's why my upload scedules can be random sometimes. {Thanks for reading this and say: "#ZwiZzM84Life" below in the comment section so I know you're a true sub! :D)

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