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For those who haven't seen it! This is the "You and This Army" newly released commercial by Clash of Clans. It's truly amazing, and eye appealing to those who aren't already addicted to Clash of Clans.

Sadly no signs of new units or building, but regardless the animation is really amazing! Enjoy the video & Happy Holidays!

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Welcome to MegaCityCoC, the official home of the Mega army! Everything related to Clash of Clans will be uploaded to our YouTube channel & posted on our website. We showcase the special techniques of raiding & defending behind the top players in the world! We're also committed to show you clashers gameplay of the new content updates as quick as possible! Our goal ultimately is to improve and entertain your Clash of Clans experience.

Thank you all for subscribing. It truly means a lot to the community, and we appreciate everyone! The leaders are truly astonished with the amazing feedback we've been receiving. We would like to say that "the clan belongs to everyone" - Dreamzrm and we couldn't have done this without you supporting us. We had very low expectations with this channel, and it came out to be brilliant!

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