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Below PLAYLISTS with AWESOME Videos. ENJOY! Town Hall 11 Attacks! Quantum’s Web Attacks InTheDark ELITE War Videos Ed’s Clash Life - Daily life of top Clasher 3 Star Academy SEE ALL VIDEOS!!! Crazy Records and Loot and funny stuff Town Hall 10 Attacks Town Hall 9 Attacks Town Hall 8 Attacks Fail Videos & Mega Nubs Failing Clan Visits Finish videos

I’m Ed from Clash With Ed. First I’m not a YouTuber I’m a Clasher who does youtube videos for fun. I have reached the ultimate goal in clash #1 global ranking. The whole year 2014 I was in top 200 with 1-3 accounts. I want to show people how to attack correct and also have some fun doing so.

I have several accounts most famous Ze Jodecast, Ze Jodecast Jr, EdDaNub and n00b Warrior and few hidden ones ;)

Quantum’s Web Clan family includes Quantum’s Web, Wrath, United, 8.9., Fr, Rage and many other smaller clans.

I don’t believe in this free gems shit. only free gems you get are from removing trees in your base. you also get gems from the shop.I’m not as famous as Chief Pat or Godson but I do my stuff and I’m a Clasher first, second and third then a YouTuber.

I do high-level attack videos from Quantum’s Web the home of the best LavaLooning attacks in Clash we also have great dragon attackers and mass golem attacks as well as GoWiPe. Such an privilege to clash with Piepipper, Up In Smoke Pie, Cream Pie, Warm Apple Pie, Razerll, bco53, sub30, Tobi Kaiser, To8ik, Antar 32, Victor, Z Jodecast Baby, Hrlyrdr22, dan0.68, retry master, yu-ki, Wylker, Kamikaze, Wheels_007, Abecito, B0ssh0gg, Superdave, Uncle Sam, Ze Jodecast, Adde_76, RubenM66, bannercree, Evo, Ben.

Best Clan War videos comes from InTheDark where I clash together with DizzyDaGreat, LegendaryLurker (hass) Ze Jodecast Jr, BERZERKER, brent, Muzuzo, , Doonta, BigSpence3, vDragon, HOWIE, danny Thor7, programmer_aud, Newdles32, Volalk, Sir jas alota, capht ikmrn, GunnerJohn, Cheif Tuwnakawe, Qship YSY81, Thomas, Sergeant Woofle, Matthew, Sorumkaleb, Death, kin1979, 6ASH, Tang*91, SpleetyG, TheROCK0308, Rock, Jugg3rnautx, Nima and N8.

We have had Clan War against the top clans in Clash Chinese Clans, 奉天, 云月轩&云起四方, Arto of Wae, WaysofWar, Crucible Wrath,TEAM BRASIL, Quantum’s Web, WAR IMPERIUM,, Ice ice baby, MADE in Turkey, Kings Rock, V.N. Champions, MegaEmpireAsia, Feres D’Armes, Gnadenlos, BR Fenix Force, U.N. Arab, Ice Ice Baby!!! The Core, Schlaflos and many more. In, InTheDark all have level 40 archer queen and level 40 barbarian king and almost maxed out bases too. Three-star hybrid raids are the stuff. Hybrid hog air raids, hybrid air golem raids just pure awesomeness.

Clash With Ed


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