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This Clash of clans update sneak peek is all about the saved layout feature it is something the community has been asking about a LOT so this video is therefore dedicated to the Clash of Clans community. Check out Mastermind's saved layout thread here!) Check out the forum art competition entries here Subscribe to my channel here: Check out my Twitter @Daddy_Clash Here's my Facebook And Google Plus whatever that is angelickouka/posts Let's give Instagram a go

I hope you enjoyed this video, I love playing Clash of Clans i really appreciate it when viewers comment, like and subscribe I do read all the comments and try to reply to as many as I can.

I tend to focus on tutorial, let's plays and special series and clash events. Check out the Clashoff collaboration series with a bunch of other amazing clash you tubers.

I've been to see supercell a few times now, I do make boom beach videos also although i'd consider myself a more casual player.

I don't gem aside from making troops for videos and donations - i've never gemmed resources although on very rare occasions when I needed to end a build that was going to finish whilst i was asleep i have gemmed a few hours of the time.

My base is organically farmed in other words :)

Song "Private Hurricane" made by Josh Woodward he has an amazing web site here


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